MenzMedical is remaining open for patients during the corona virus epidemic.
Consultations will be strictly by appointment. If you are unwell, we may choose to provide a consultation over the phone, or from your vehicle.
Please note - our door will be locked upon your arrival. We ask that you phone or text us when you arrive in the car park. If  you don't have a
phone, just knock on the door.

From Monday 30 March, we will be able to provide consultations online. Normal fees will (or may) apply. This will only be possible if you have a good internet connection and the right equipment e.g. a good headset/microphone and web camera. Make sure lighting is adequate with no shadows. You can also use a modern iPhone which is capable of Facetime.

To book these, phone the receptionist. The link is  Your browser needs to be Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Internet explorer doesn't work.

Here are our contact details:-

Address 912 Colombo Street, near the intersection with Bealey Avenue.
Phone: Reception (03) 981 8181 and dial "0". For the Nurse, dial "1" and for the practice manager dial "2".
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.