MenzMedical is remaining open for patients during the corona virus epidemic.
Consultations will be strictly by appointment. If you are unwell, we may choose to provide a consultation over the phone, or from your vehicle.

Please note - our door will be locked upon your arrival. We ask that you phone us on 03 981 81 81 then dial 0 to check in when you arrive in the car park and then please stay in your vehicle until we come out to collect you from your car. If  you don't have a phone, just knock on the door.

Here are our contact details:-

Address 912 Colombo Street, near the intersection with Bealey Avenue.
Phone: Reception (03) 981 8181 and dial "0". For the Nurse and prescriptions, dial "1" and for the practice manager/accounts dial "2".
Email: OR
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed weekends and public holidays)