Link to our Christchurch Vasectomy Clinic

The modern ‘scalpel-less’ technique involves no cutting. There is less pain and swelling and a quicker recovery time. It takes only about 15 minutes to do a straightforward vasectomy.

Erectile Dysfunction

“Erectile Dysfunction” (ED) is a rather medical-sounding name meaning ‘difficulties with achieving or maintaining an erection’. There is an implication that the difficulties are variable – they may be mild, short term and intermittent, or severe and entrenched.

Men’s WOF

A thorough examination with blood tests, for men who are generally healthy but are interested in health maintenance and disease prevention.

Mole Removals

Book an appointment with the Doctor for a Mole check and any suspicious ones can be removed. May require 2 appointments. Dr Williams has 2 years experience working at the Burwood Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Prostate Check

Prostate enlargement may cause frequent urination or a slow stream. Some enlargement is caused by prostate cancer. Men with such symptoms are advised to have an annual check of the prostate, particularly if there is a family history of the disease.

Premature Ejaculation

This common problem affects a third of all men and can be treated using a variety of techniques.

Male Infertility

This is a 30-minute examination and discussion about male infertility. With modern technology, nearly all males are now able to become genetic fathers.

STD Checks

A full STD check includes HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis with follow-up treatment.

Libido Problems

For men who consider that there is an imbalance in their sex drive or libido, hormonal or other tests may be advisable in addition to counselling.