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The modern ‘scalpel-less’ technique involves no cutting. There is less pain and swelling and a quicker recovery time. It takes only about 15 minutes to do a straightforward vasectomy. No needle version available on request.

Male Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfunction

“Erectile Dysfunction” (ED) is a rather medical-sounding name meaning ‘difficulties with achieving or maintaining an erection’. There is an implication that the difficulties are variable – they may be mild, short term and intermittent, or severe and entrenched.

Premature Ejaculation

This common problem affects a third of all men and can be treated using a variety of techniques.

Libido Problems

For men who consider that there is an imbalance in their sex drive or libido, hormonal or other tests may be advisable in addition to counselling.

Prostate Check

Prostate enlargement may cause frequent urination or a slow stream. Some enlargement is caused by prostate cancer. Men with such symptoms are advised to have an annual check of the prostate, particularly if there is a family history of the disease. We first ask you to get a blood test followed by a 15 minute Consultation with the GP.

Male Infertility

This is a 30-minute examination and discussion about male infertility. With modern technology, nearly all males are now able to become genetic fathers.

STD Checks

A full STD check includes HIV, herpes,  gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis with follow-up treatment. We also offer PrEP treatment for individuals at exposure risk.