Now reduced fee for vasectomies $440 with agreement for free repeat vasectomy in the event of failure, if you qualify for the terms and conditions – see

The modern ‘scalpel-less’ technique involves no cutting. There is less pain and swelling and a quicker recovery time. The so-called “No Scalpel Vasectomy” was developed in China by Dr Li Shunqiang in 1974. The technique is quicker, and has fewer complications than the traditional “open” technique. It takes only about 15 minutes to do a straightforward vasectomy. However, time is allowed for preparation and undressing/dressing, and having a cup of tea afterwards, making the total time about 45 minutes. The NSV technique is the most widely used technique nowadays, although there are variations such as how the cut ends of the tube are dealt with. Some people are under the impression that there is a “laser” technique. In fact the “laser” technique is just a variation of the NSV technique. It refers to using laser treatment to heat and seal the ends of the vas tubes.